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Things to Consider When Buying a Children’s Mattress




You might think support is more important for adults and seniors who are more likely to suffer from chronic pain, but children need proper support too, maybe even more so. Their bodies are changing and growing at a rapid rate, and this can frequently cause growing pains. Finding a mattress that offers pressure-point relief, spinal alignment and recovery will help reduce the likelihood and severity of the aches and pains they experience during growth spurts.



Another factor to keep in mind is any allergies your kids may have, including sensitive skin. If this is the case, be on the lookout for mattresses made of organic cotton, latex and hypo-allergenic materials.

You will also want to keep an eye out for certifications against harmful substances that some mattresses emit or contain.


Lastly, you will want to be mindful of your budget. Luckily, we know that the budget for a child’s mattress is typically much smaller than that of adults.. These types of mattresses we sell are perfect for kids, especially if you are considering buying two for a bunk bed.

How Firm Should a Child’s Mattress Be?

As long as the child is not an infant, the firmness of their mattress is really up to personal preference. Just as we say for adults, the position you sleep in, your body type and weight will play the biggest role in selecting the mattress’s firmness. If the child likes a more supportive feeling or has pain concerns, a firm mattress may be the best option. If they like a more “in the mattress” feeling, they can try a soft mattress.

What Type of Mattress is Best For Kids?


Our research shows that foam is very popular among children. These mattresses have a contouring feeling to the body that many people love. 


Innerspring mattresses are made of coils that support the bed, causing them to be on the firmer side. Unlike hybrids they usually do not have a very thick comfort layer, so you feel more of the support from the coils. 

Accessories for a Kid’s Mattress


Mattress Protectors & Mattress Pads

You may already know about sheets, pillows, comforters and blankets. However, one essential accessory to add to your kid’s new mattress is a mattress protector. These thin pieces of fabric go on just like a fitted sheet and protect against dust mites, spills and any other accidents that may take place. When you are dropping a few hundred pounds on a new mattress, they are worth every extra penny.


I hope you’ve found this review helpful on your path to finding the best mattress for kids.

Ultimately, the right mattress for your child will provide room to grow, be comfortable, and will stand the test of time. Also, you will want an option that provides good support to kids who may experience growing pains and growth spurts. Finally, take into account the firmness level of the mattress based on any established sleeping patterns. If your child is very young, this may not be an issue yet.