You might not know it, but there’s lots to consider when buying a new bed and mattress.

There are so many factors that often don’t get thought about.

We’ve put together this Bed Buyers’ Guide to help you understand these factors and help you on your way to finding your perfect bed and perfect night’s sleep.

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If you…

  • Need a more affordable mattress

  • Want something for a guest bedroom

Then consider an open spring mattress because…

  • These mattresses tend to be slightly cheaper due to the construction, type of spring and filling content

  • They're perfect for occasional use such as in a guest bedroom


If you…

  • Want more comfort than open spring

  • Want your mattress to last

  • Want to minimise the risk of you rolling towards your sleeping partner

Then consider a pocket spring mattress because…

  • Springs work independently to respond to individual body weight and shapes

  • They’re very hardwearing


If you…

  • Have problems with allergies

  • Need more support

Then consider a memory foam mattress because…

  • The mattress moulds to your body shape

  • Helps to align your spine

  • It’s made from synthetic materials with anti-microbial properties

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