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Harrison Spinks Onyx 7750 Mattress / Divan Set

The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon
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Features of the Onyx 7750 from the new Harrison Spinks Turn Free Collection:

The Harrison Spinks Onyx 7750 Mattress is an orthopedic mattress from the Optimum support collection offering a firmer feel while giving a luxurious feel. Part of the seasonal turn collection the Onyx can be turned and rotated for longevity.

The Onyx has a number of Harrison's own patented spring technologies including their Advanced Cortec Revolution Joey pocket spring and HD lightweight alloy springs. This system is a effectively a smaller softer spring inside a larger spring encased in a pocket. This means when pressure is applied, the 2 springs share the workload ensuring unrivaled support throughout the lifetime of your bed & mattress.

The HD 2500 Alloy springs are high density springs for intricate super and increased air circulation they feature perforated pockets that act as mini pumps to circulate the air in your mattress as you sleep ensuring fantastic ventilation.

This mattress is available in firm tension only.

Luxury Mattress Fillings:


  1. Natural & Chemfree mattress cover

  2. British Wool & Viscose blend

  3. Wool, Flax & Hemp Blend

  4. Egyptian Cotton & Hemp blend

Spring Technology:

  • HD2500 Springs - High density layer of mirco springs

  • Cortec Revolution Pocket springs

Cortec Revolution Springs

  • Innovative 100% sustainable springs

  • Made from high tensile wire drawn by Harrison Spinks

  • Glue free manufacturing techniques to allow for recycling


The seasonal turn system in the Onyx offers a unique warm side & cool side to your new mattress. 

The warm side of the mattress features a wool blend close to the surface of the mattresses cover, this keeps you a warm and comfortable temperature during the cooler months of the year. Whilst the cool side features a cotton blend close to the surface that whisks away moisture and keeps you fresh and dry during the warmer months of the year. 

Available in firm tension as part of the Ortho collection.

 Mattress Features:

  • 7750 Springs in a king size mattress

  • Cortec Advanced revolution spring system

  • 2500 HD lightweight Titanium alloy springs

  • Warm Side & Cool Side Technology

  • 10 year warranty

Purchase in-store only

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