The Mlily Collection

Mlily's mission is simple:


Create a bed that truly benefits your health and your lifestyle. Mlily's sleep scientists are constantly working around the clock to ensure their mattresses surpasses the highest standards of performance.


Mlily understand that like a shoe one size does not fit all in this industry, and that’s exactly why they’ve made a range of products that are adaptable to every body type and size.

Mlily will never stop researching, they will never stop evolving and striving to make the most advanced mattress out there, because at the end of the day we know a better sleep means a better life. We are here to help you achieve your dreams, both literally and figuratively.

Premier 1000, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Premier 1000 Gel

Premier 2000, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Premier 2000 Gel

Premier 3000, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Premier 3000 Gel

Cloud Memory Foam is infused with Mlily Cooling Gel Technology & lined with a core of flex Pocket Springs for unparalleled comfort and support.

Mlily Cool Gel Pillow Collection

Bamboo+Serene Pillow

Serene, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Luxury Bamboo Memory Pillow

Our Bamboo+ Serene Pillow combines the adaptable comfort of our Cloud Memory Foam with the refreshing, natural feel of our Bamboo Charcoal Technology. Handcrafted nanocool Ice Fabric delivers a cooler sleep surface, ensuring you get the deeper, more complete night’s sleep you’ve always needed.

Dream 3000 Pillow

Dream 3000, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Nanocool Ice Fibre Memory Pillow

Want a deeper, more refreshing sleep? Our nanocool Ice Fibre delivers a cooler, more natural sleep surface. We’ve then taken the spec for two high performance mattresses and combined them onto one complete bed. Performance Memory Foam enhances oxygen and blood circulation, while a combination of 3000 Hybrid and X springs deliver the support you need to get a deeper, more regenerative night’s sleep.

Premier Serene Pillow

Premier Supreme, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Premier Supreme


Cooling Technology meets the best in Comfort Memory Foam design. This pillow is specially crafted to conform to the natural contours of your head and neck. We’ve added our Mlily Cooling Gel and a custom Gel-Pad to create a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience

Available to purchase in-store only