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365-Night Home Trial

Award-Winning Mattress For A Better Night's Sleep
Nectar, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Good Housekeeping Institute

Getting Greener – Carbon Neutral mattress

“The Nectar mattress is substantial and sturdy in design, comfortable and luxurious to sleep on.”

Nectar, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Real Homes

Rated Gold

“The Nectar comes with an unprecedented 365-night trial period. No other memory foam mattress company is quite so generous on the ‘peace of mind’ front.”

Nectar, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon


GQ recommends

“The best mattress to buy now for a better night’s sleep!”

Nectar, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon


Rated a Which? Best Buy

“Nectar Memory Foam Double Mattress awarded a Which? Best Buy endorsement.”

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Nectar Classic Plus Mattress

Product Features


365 Night Sleep Trial.

100% Carbon Neutral.

NectaSmart Memory Foam.

Ecolay Foundation Layer.

Removable Washable Cover.


Four Layers of Foam.

Chemical Free.

25cm Depth.

Forever Warranty.

Are you looking for a mattress with unmatched support, comfort, and an incredible specification? The fantastic, distinctive spring systems, foam layers, and temperature-regulating elements of the Nectar Classic Plus mattress include all these qualities and more, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. The Nectar Classic Plus Mattress, is amazing value for money - if you're still in doubt; remember there is a 365 night sleep trial! 

This Nectar mattress is available in a choice of Medium or Firm.

The Nectar Classic Plus has five layers that work together to give you a supportive and comfy resting environment. At the foundation of the mattress, Nectar has a support layer composed entirely of recycled and repurposed foam. This deep layer is made from EcoLay foam and is strong and supportive, precisely what is needed at the heart of a good mattress. In order to prevent your mattress from moving about on the bed base, the material covering the underside of the mattress is a 'positioning' material that ensures the mattress remains still.

The next layer up is the the Nectasmart Dynamic Support Layer, unique to Nectar and made up of thousands of individually moving springs that are each enclosed in their own fabric pocket. The mattress can adapt to the curves of your body and how you sleep because each spring moves individually. Next up is a deep layer of Nectatex Foam. Another product made solely by Nectar. Nectatex combats excess heat thanks to its open-cell structure, which allows for improved ventilation. Standard memory foam is notorious for its heat retention qualities due to its structure. The graphite-infused foam will help you stay comfortable all night long while wicking away extra moisture and encouraging cool airflow throughout the mattress. Nectatex is thirty times more breathable than memory foam. There are two layers of Nectatex. One is slightly firmer, and the second layer is found at the top of the mattress, softer and more comfortable, this top layer is the ideal sleeping surface. In between these two layers is a deep pad of Nectasmart Premium Memory Foam, which highlights the temperature-regulating capabilities of the Nectatex foam, is intended to offer your joints the best possible pressure relief and to support good spine alignment. You can count on the Nectar Classic Plus to provide you with the body-molding comfort you need at night, ensuring that you get what you deserve in terms of comfort.

With Nectar's detachable cooling cover, keep your mattress fresh. This material is washable but we suggest it is line dried. The cover's fibres were specifically designed to aid the mattress as a whole's ability to regulate temperature and wick away heat. Additionally, the softness of the fibres will hasten the process of falling asleep.

The 365-night sleep trial that Nectar provides offers peace of mind. If the mattress isn't right for you, you have 365 nights to return it for an exchange. One of the longest sleep trials ever offered by a mattress company - the Nectar Classic Plus mattress gives you a full year to decide if it's right for you!

As well as all of these incredible features, the Nectar Classic Plus mattress has a 'forever warranty'. This means that from the day of delivery, if there are any faults with your mattress, Nectar will replace or repair it. Your Nectar mattress could well be the last one you ever buy! If there is a fault within the first 10-years, Nectar will replace the mattress. After the 11th year, they will repair or recover the mattress for you!


Benefits & Features:

Cooling, washable cover
In comparison to typical cotton covers, Nectar's Cooling Cover has heat-wicking fibres and offers a more breathable, softer sleep. 4-way stretch sleep surface that is breathable and has cooling technology

Premium Nectar Smart Memory Foam
Our Nectar Smart breathability was added to the greatest memory foam we could find. Rest assured that it is still free of TCPP and other dangerous chemicals to protect your family's health and safety. For precise spinal alignment, maximum pressure relief, and body-hugging comfort, our ground-breaking Nectar Smart Memory Foam conforms to your body shape.

Foundation Layer EcoLay
a support and comfort-oriented foam that has been completely recycled and re-engineered.

Smart Dynamic Support from Nectar
A substantial layer of dynamically adjusting foam will give you customised rebound. Get the assistance your body requires to unwind and go asleep deeply. You can choose between Medium and Firm Tensions in this layer, which also influences the tension of your mattress.

Nectatex Foam
Nectatex foam is made to regulate the environment in which you sleep. The 'Open-Cell' breathable technology we used in its design allows it to breathe thirty times more than memory foam. In addition, graphite, a naturally occurring substance that conducts heat away from your body, has been incorporated into the layer.

Nectar Hybrid Pro Mattress

Product Features

365 Night Sleep Trial.

100% Carbon Neutral.

Hybrid Mattress.

Cooling Mattress.

NectaSmart Memory Foam.

Ecolay Foundation Layer.

Pocket Springs.

Removable Washable Cover.

Copper Infused Cover.

No-Turn Mattress.

27cm Depth.

Forever Warranty.

The Hybrid Pro Mattress by Nectar merges their most revolutionary foams and spring systems in an exquisite way to give you the mattress of your dreams. Together, Nectar's four unique foams provide you with great body-hugging comfort and increased breathability to help you regulate your body temperature and have a restful night's sleep. The Nectar Hybrid Pro is luxuriously soft and yet supportive, and it includes both the NectaCoil HDTM spring system and the NectaCoil XLTM springs for maximum spinal alignment.

The Hybrid Pro mattress, which is expertly manufactured in the UK, has eight layers of plush fillings for a cloud-like feeling of ease. The EcoLay Foundation, which gives the Hybrid Pro mattress a solid base, comes first. This layer is made to support you as you sleep from foam that has been entirely recycled and redesigned.

A Nectatex Layer follows. Natural graphite has been mixed into this cutting-edge open cell technology, giving it 30 times the breathability of regular memory foam. The Nectar Pocket Spring layer follows. This system, which is made of a large number of tightly pocket springs, is designed to adjust to your position as you sleep in order to maximise spinal alignment and lessen the likelihood that you would wake up with aches and pains.

The layers of Nectasmart Memory Foam are positioned on top of the posture-improving springs. Because of the excellent ventilation provided by these two highly aerated foam layers, the mattress is more breathable overall than other mattresses. One layer is a higher density than the other, perfectly complimenting the springs underneath and the softer layers above.  With this technology, heat will be pushed out of the way while you sleep. In the winter, the open cell structure will trap pockets of body heat to keep you warm.

These layers were then topped by another spring layer added by Nectar. Instead of the supporting springs found further down in the mattress, this Nectacoil HD spring has thousands extra springs that help to promote comfort and weight distribution.

Finally, Nectar added a thick layer of Nectatex Foam to the top of its Hybrid Pro mattress. This wonderfully soft foam has a cloud-like feel to it. Supremely luxurious and absolutely unique to Nectar.

The cover of this Nectar mattress is extremely tactile and wonderfully soft. This cover, which can be removed and cleaned, is intended to remove extra heat and moisture. This fabric is also copper-infused, which promotes blood flow and has various additional health advantages.

The Hybrid Pro mattress is single sided, so it won't need to be turned, but to extend the life of your mattress, we strongly advise rotating it sometimes, especially in the first few weeks after delivery.

With our "Love it or Exchange it" 365-night comfort guarantee, you can test out your new Nectar mattress in the comfort of your own home. We are confident that you will adore your new Nectar mattress, but if for any reason you would like to swap it, just let us know within 365 nights of delivery, and we'll be pleased to give you professional advise and exchange it for an other model from our store.


Features and Benefits:

Nectatex™ Foam - Nectatex Foam is designed to control your sleep climate, designed with breathable open-cell technology to give it 30 times the airflow of regular memory foam. This foam is also infused with graphite which naturally conducts heat away from your body.


NectaCoil HD™ Spring System - Nectar’s adaptive NectaCoil micro spring technology is made up of thousands of tiny, titanium springs which act individually to cradle and evenly support you as you sleep. These springs are so small you will not feel them, however, when they work simultaneously, they create a heightened level of comfort.

Nectasmart™ Premium Memory Foam - Nectar’s innovative Smart Memory Foam with enhanced breathability. Free from harmful chemicals, this layer adapts to your body shape for targeted spinal alignment, ultimate pressure relief and body-hugging comfort for an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Nectasmart™ Dynamic Support - Get tailored bounce-back with a thick layer of dynamically adjusting foam which works to provide the support your body needs to relax into a deep sleep.

NectaCoil XL ™ Spring Support - The adaptive NectaCoil pocket spring technology is designed to dynamically adapt to your sleeping position as it changes throughout the night. This layer is made up of hundreds of tightly coiled springs to maximise spinal alignment for a fully supportive night’s sleep.

EcoLay™ Foundation Layer - A 100% recycled and re-engineered foam designed to provide support and comfort.

Positioning Base Material - An anti-slip fabric on the underside of the mattress helps to keep it in place on your bed frame or divan base.

Cool Copper Cover - Nectar’s soft and breathable cover contains copper fibres, which work alongside Nectar’s heat-wicking technology, to repel heat away from your body, leaving a cool-to-the-touch sensation for a refreshing night’s sleep.

Cover Material - Copper Infused Polyester.

Easy Care - No need to turn, but regular rotation from head to toe will extend the mattress's life span.

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Nectar Hybrid Mattress

Product Features

365 Night Sleep Trial.

100% Carbon Neutral.

Hybrid Mattress.

Pocket Springs.

Cooling Technology.

Memory Foam.

Supportive Foundation Layer.

Removable Washable Cover.

Cooling Cover.


Mattress Depth: 25cm.

Forever Warranty.

A Year To Decide Makes a
Better Decision

We know this is not a casual purchase, and that you want to make the best decision. So let’s not hide from the elephant in the room: What if you don’t like it?

Nectar, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

The Longest Home Trial You Can Get

You have 365 nights, a year and a day, to get to know, and love, your mattress. So take your time, there’s no rush to decide.

Sleep on your Nectar for a whole year, on those sticky summer nights and chilly winter ones. If it’s not right for you, you can exchange for another model in-store

Forever Warranty (Yes, Forever)

You know that feeling you get that a product will break as soon as the warranty ends? Well, you won’t have that with a Nectar mattress.

While the best our competitors offer is 10 years, if something is faulty with your mattress, we’ll repair or replace it, for as long as you own it (yes, your Nectar is built to last).

Nectar, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

'Forever' Warranty

Nectar Mattresses are unique in many ways, but their warranty cover is one of the most important.

From the day of delivery, if there are any faults with your mattress, Nectar will replace or repair your mattress. This means that your Nectar mattress could well be the last one you ever buy! If there is a fault within the first 10-years, Nectar will replace the mattress. After the 11th year, they will repair or recover the mattress for you!

For more information, please click on the following link:
nectar's warranty

Nectar, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Please contact us for any further information: 01752 268999

To view Nectar Models, please visit our Plymouth store:

The Perfect Sleep

51-53 Exeter Street




This is the original Nectar mattress. The Nectar Hybrid is an outstanding illustration of what a hybrid mattress can provide; it combines cutting-edge memory foam and micro-springs in a harmonious way to provide you with a bed that is supremely comfortable and supportive. Benefit from the combination of both luxurious foam layers and springs together for the ultimate support and comfort.

The Hybrid, which has a medium support firmness, is a fantastic choice for anyone who likes to sleep on their side. Additionally, Nectar goes above and above to include straightforward and practical features in the Hybrid Mattress, such as their 365-night trial and lifetime warranty.

What makes up the Nectar Hybrid mattress? A hybrid sleeping solution combines two different types of mattresses, therefore Nectar's Hybrid Mattress has plush layers that guarantee you have a comfortable and restful night's sleep. Nectar's aim is to give you the right support, where and when it is needed. Because of this, they've included a 7-Zone Supportive Base that offers various amounts of support throughout various regions of the mattress, ensuring that your joints get the support they require.

Nectar has incorporated a layer of pressure-relieving memory foam created from 100% recycled and repurposed foam to highlight the opulent support from the base. You can sleep well at night knowing that the plush comfort you enjoy was created from recycled materials for a more environmentally friendly sleeping arrangement.

A mattress isn't a fantastic mattress if it doesn't support you well enough. Thanks to the inclusion of a Micro-Spring layer, this is not the case with Nectar's Hybrid Mattress. This layer aids in body moulding support while you sleep and cool air circulation for temperature control.

The top layer of foam in this Nectar Hybrid mattress is excellent for aiding pressure relief and providing cloud-like comfort. The open-cell structure of the foam in this layer has been specifically created to maximise breathability, cool air circulation, and body temperature management. The cooling quilted cover is made to soak away extra heat and encourage cooler airflow, mirroring all the temperature-regulating and cooling qualities found in the other layers. The Nectar Hybrid mattress will circulate cooler air as a result of your movement at night.

It can be intimidating to purchase a mattress online because you don't know if it will fit your requirements. Nectar's 365-night sleep trial, which lets you test the mattress for an entire year and determine whether it offers the optimum comfort and support for you, allays this concern!

For those who prefer to sleep on their side, a medium tension is a good choice. The mattress will be able to provide cushioning to your shoulders and hips in order to promote healthy spine alignment, allowing them to sink in slightly and keep the spine straight.

Features and Benefits:

Washable Cooling Cover
Nectar’s Cooling Cover contains heat-wicking fibres and provides a more breathable, softer sleep experience than standard cotton covers.

Pressure Relieving Memory Foam
A revolutionary memory foam that contours to the shape of your body to deliver comfort and support exactly where it's needed the most.

Dynamic Support Layer
This layer of permeable foam improves airflow, which helps to keep your body temperature at a healthy level. Additionally, it offers superior support and more bounce.

Encapsulated Pocket Springs
Up to 600 pocket springs, each measuring 15 centimetres and individually wrapped, are encased in a support form to create a cushion that is breathable, responsive, and offers great edge support.

Supportive Base Layer
Designed to provide you the best possible night's sleep by providing support from the springs exactly where you need it.

Positioning Base Material
A layer of anti-slip fabric on the underside of the mattress helps to keep it in place on your bed frame or divan base.

Easy Care
No need to turn, but regular rotation from head to toe will extend the mattress's life span.

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