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About Ice Cloud


At Nicheli we are passionate about your sleep. We strive to develop the best mattresses using the latest technology with modern production methods.

Our skilled team have been designing mattresses for nearly 25 years and the Ice Cloud range is our most advanced yet. Collaboration with the latest foam developments and our cutting edge production facilities result in the perfect range of sleep products.

The Healthy Alternative

Ice Cloud, the healthier, non toxic choice for a greater nights sleep. X8 Ice Cloud foam was designed to offer a safer, non toxic alternative whilst providing unrivalled levels of pressure relief and comfort. Independent testing by OEKO-TEX shows that X8 Ice Cloud Foam has achieved level 6 (their highest standard) demonstrating both the safety of the material used in production, physical performance and environmental stewardship in production. To achieve this level the use of phalates, ozone depleters, CFC’s, Mercury and other heavy metals during manufacturing is forbidden. Not only does this make the Ice Cloud range of mattresses non toxic to use but it also means they are less harmful to the planet during production.

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The Heat Revolution


X8 Ice Cloud foam is the next revolution in foam providing instant cooling and further wicking excess heat away from your body. We all know sleep is essential and the Ice Cloud range has been designed to provide ultimate immediate comfort, but achieving long lasting comfort means staying cool. That's why X8 Ice cloud foam is instantly cool and further helps to prevent overheating through wicking heat away from your body throughout the night. Natural bamboo covers are used to further help with this heat and moisture wicking action helping achieve the ultimate goal of a deep restful sleep.

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Ice Cloud Ortho 2000

The Ice Cloud Ortho 2000 is designed for those that like a firmer feel to their mattress. Using a full orthopaedic pocket spring system the Cloud Ortho provides deep levels of firm support from 2000 individually pocketed springs with 5 individual support zones. This zoned support system ensures a perfect support to the heavier parts of your body whilst not being over supportive on your lighter areas, ensuring good support at all times.

Ice Cloud Comfort 2200

The Ice Cloud Comfort 2200 is a perfect medium to firm tension, ideal for the majority of people including side or back sleepers. 2200 springs perfectly balance support with comfort and ensure a good medium/ firm feel. This mattress will be ideal for the majority of sleepers without special requirements. The Comfort 2200 includes our anatomically adjusting zoned spring system. This zoned support system ensures a perfect support to the heavier parts of your body whilst not being over supportive on your lighter areas, ensuring good support at all times.

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Blue Wall

Maximum Pressure Relief

Perfect body fit, comfort and support

The new technology with X8 ice cloud foam provides zero pressure and perfect body fit. When lying down most memory foams only relieve body pressure. The new advanced technology used in X8 ice cloud foam cleverly reacts with individual personal body pressure and evenly relieves pressure creating zero pressure and a perfect body fit every time. The micro cube cell technology maximizes pressure relief and creates the perfect body fit providing unparalleled levels of support and comfort. Lying on the X8 ice cloud is just like floating on air, relieving all the pressure from the body. Such pressure relief helps slow the compression of the vascular nerves, reducing tossing and turning and dramatically improving sleep quality.

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