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Harrison Spinks Perth 12000 Mattress / Divan Set

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Features of the Perth 12000 from the new Harrison Spinks Pillowtop Collection:

The Perth 12,000 features multiple layers consisting of blended British wool and viscose, natural cotton, home-grown hemp and flax, mohair and sustainable Ecotex. With 12,000 innovative springs including the dual action Cortec Revolution pocket springs as well as pressure relieving HD 4000 and HD 2500 Micro springs, and flexible posturfil pocket springs offering incredible support and comfort. The Perth features a woven FR chemical-free mattress cover that has been woven in-house by Harrison Spinks and finished with two rows of hand-side stitching.

Starting price starts from a single mattress. Divan sets and all other options are also available.

  • Choice of tension (Soft, Medium, or Firm)

  • Pillow Top – Often considered a sign of luxury in a mattress with pillow-top mattresses being used in many luxury hotels. The pillow top offers an additional layer of comfort sat on top of the mattress, providing additional softness and support to the mattress.

  • Cortec springs – A new spring design that’s 100% comfort & 100% recyclable. This is a ground breaking first, a glue-free pocket spring system. The Cortec springs are smaller finer and more tightly coiled springs. This allows a superior contour accuracy creating tailored support specifically for your shape.

  • HD Springs - The HD spring is a world first. There are 2500 of these in each layer of a king-size mattress, all made with lightweight titanium alloy. These mini pocket springs are highly flexible, working completely independently of each other. This three-dimensional support means they can adapt to your body’s contours to relieve pressure while you sleep and give greater comfort and lumbar support. They are also good for the mattress itself, ensuring the fillings always push back into their original position.

  • Posturfil springs – Flexible low height pocket springs in a breathable pocket to enhance ventilation. These posturfil pocket springs react to the sleeper’s movements providing the sleeper with targeted support, and relieving any pressure points whilst promoting correct spinal alignment.

  • British Wool – A popular natural filling for its soft, springy and naturally supportive qualities. Wool is also proficient at wicking away moisture helping to regulate body temperature, keeping you warm and dry as you sleep. It is also antibacterial, anti-static and its inherent fire retardant means there’s no need to use chemicals.

  • Viscose – Light and versatile viscose is derived from the wood pulp of the eucalyptus, beech and pine trees. When blended with other fibres it makes for the perfect mattress filling due to its breathability providing a fresh nights sleep.

  • Cotton – A durable material yet soft to the touch and highly absorbent allowing for great moisture wicking keeping you cool and dry whilst sleeping especially on hot nights.

  •  Hemp – An incredibly resilient fibre, Hemp naturally resists bacterial growth and is very breathable this helps to reduce any nasty odours. This fibre has excellent sustainable credentials and is grown naturally without the use of pesticides at Harrison’s very own farm.

  • Flax – A light and absorbent filling that’s three times stronger than cotton. The absorbency of flax helps to improve moisture management of your mattress, whilst the softness of the flax adds to the overall comfort of the bed.

  • Mohair – Softer and smoother than wool, mohair fine silky texture gives it a more luxurious feel. Its fibres are soft to the touch yet light and strong whilst sharing the beneficial properties of wool but with added sumptuousness.

  • Hand Side Stitching – Often used on quality pocket spring mattresses, a cord is passed through multiple entry points along the side of the mattress securing the pocket springs the mattress border. This technique means no bulging will occur and no metal rod will be needed to secure the springs as this can limit the movement of the springs. Multiple rows of side stitching can be used depending on the size and quality of the mattress. This is a difficult technique done by hand and improves edge to edge support.

  • Hand Tufted – Fabric tufts are evenly distributed along the mattress surface, tufts hold the inner loose fillings in position. These fabric tufts help prolong the mattress’s life, making sure loose fillings don’t clump together or shift around.


Purchase in-store only

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