Pillow Top Aurora 2'6"/3'0" Single Mattress

Pillow Top Aurora 2'6"/3'0" Single Mattress

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Pillowtop Aurora Mattress


The Pillow Top Aurora provides a sumptuously soft and breathable cushion of wool above the supportive mattress. Featuring patented 37.5® active technology it helps keep the body temperature to stay in the perfect comfort zone for the most comfortable night’s sleep.


This luxury no turn mattress features a ReActive™ pocket spring system, where each ReActive™ spring has 6 active turns – which independently and actively senses your shape and weight distribution, providing comfort and total spinal and body support.


The sleep cover on the mattress is infused with a chemical free, plant based treatment for added peace of mind to meet fire retardancy standards.


The mattress is traditionally made and hand tufted for long lasting comfort. It features 2 rows of genuine hand side stitching for true edge-to-edge support allowing you to fully use the whole sleep surface.


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