Kingsbridge Mattress 5'0" Kingsize

Kingsbridge Mattress 5'0" Kingsize

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Kingsbridge Mattress


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The Kingsbridge mattress features the unique resilience of Devonshire wool and the springiness of hand-teased horsetail.

The mattress offers deep natural upholstery that creates an enveloping sense of comfort. The unique loft and softness of the Kingsbridge natural materials translate into a cosy traditional feel.
If you’re wondering how to choose a mattress, look no further than the Vispring Kingsbridge mattress; made from British wool for all-enveloping comfort.


The Kingsbridge is generously upholstered Platinum Certified British fleece wool and hand-teased Platinum Certified Devonshire wool blended with hand-teased South American horsetail. The lambswool that Vispring uses is soft, supportive, with an in-built bounce that resists pressure. Wool is recognised as one of the finest materials for mattress upholstery. It’s intrinsic qualities, including its natural flame resistance, make it the perfect filling for mattresses and divans, where it performs better than foam and other synthetic products to provide long-lasting structure and comfort. Wool fibres have a composition that is unique in nature and unmatched by synthetic alternatives.


The Kingsbridge mattress uses only the finest Moosburger horsetail for it’s mattresses – the long, supple and silky hairs have an inherent strength and springiness that makes them the perfect filling. Adding horsetail to a mattress is like giving it two million extra springs, the fibre won’t break or lose its natural flexibility, and bounces back after compression to restore the integrity of your mattress following a night’s sleep.


These fine natural fibres are combined with 2,030* unique six-turn pocket springs which are made from an exclusive strong and supple steel alloy. Each pocket spring is sewn into an individual calico pocket and nested by hand into a honeycomb formation, for fewer gaps. The Vispring Kingsbridge mattress is hand tufted with felt washers and benefits from two rows of genuine hand side stitching with flax twine. This gives the mattress an exquisite, tailored finish, but more importantly it gives supportive strength to the mattress edges that lesser beds need a metal rod to achieve.


The Vispring Kingsbridge mattress has a 23cm deep border that features three rows of genuine hand side-stitching. Eight horizontal handles on a king-size model and above and air vents on all sides. Finally, the borders are upholstered with protective lambswool and finished with piped ticking.


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