Pocket Springs

If you’re wanting the best of the best you need to be looking for calico pocket springs. If your budget constraints you, a spun bond pocket spring unit with at least 1000 pocket springs per kingsize will get you a mid range mattress.

 If you have different body weights we can create split tension mattress or zip and link beds which can be tailored specifically to your weight.

Open Coil Springs

What is an open coil mattress?

An open coil mattress is made from a series of springs joined together by a single wire. Open coil mattresses are usually the most reasonably priced so they’re a good choice if you’re on a budget.

How is an open coil mattress constructed?

Rows of large springs shaped like hour glasses are joined together by a single piece of wire called a helical. The wire is bent into a spiral before being threaded through the springs. The edges of the mattress are given extra strength by a strong wire around the top and the bottom.

What’s the difference between open coil and continuous coil?

Whilst open coil springs are all separate, a continuous coil mattress is constructed with one long piece of wire which is fashioned into S shaped coils. These are then joined by a helical in the same way as an open coil. Continuous coil mattresses are considered to be more durable than open coil.

What is the difference between open coil and pocket sprung mattresses?

A pocket sprung mattress is a more high end alternative to an open coil. Each individual spring is housed in its own fabric pocket and each spring works separately so if there’s a considerable difference in size between you and your partner, your weight will be distributed evenly and you won’t end up rolling into each other as you sleep.

If you’d like more information about pocket spring mattresses.

What is different about a luxury open coil mattress?

Luxury open coil mattresses are usually more tightly stuffed than less expensive alternatives and contain layers of soft stuffing to give added support. In addition, in some cases the stuffing in luxury mattresses will have been teased by hand and it will be covered in a high quality fabric.

What to look for in an open coil mattress

When choosing an open coil mattress, look for one with securely sewn side seams as the more durable the sides of your mattress are the longer it will last.

How do you test a mattress?

When purchasing a mattress, our top tip is to try before you buy! Make sure you sit on the edge of the mattress to make sure it doesn’t sag, and lie in various positions and move from one to the other to check you can move easily.

Mattress support ratings

Soft mattresses – When lying on your side, a soft mattress will mould to your body, relieving the pressure from your hips and shoulders.

Medium mattresses – Medium tension mattresses allow for support in a variety of sleeping positions.

Firm mattresses – For those who sleep on their front or back, a firm mattress should provide enough support for keeping your spine perfectly aligned as you sleep.

Are open coil mattresses good for back pain?

If you suffer from back pain, then the best way to alleviate it at night is to choose a mattress that will support your spine comfortably and ensure you sleep in the most comfortable position. Most sleep experts agree that memory foam mattresses or orthopaedic mattresses are best if you suffer from back or joint problems or if you tend to wake up with aches and pains in the mornings.

Does an open coil mattress include a memory foam topper?

If you’re looking for a way to get a more comfortable night’s sleep without breaking the bank, then combining an open coil mattress with a memory foam topper can be extremely effective, but in most cases you’ll need to buy your mattress topper separately.

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