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If you're going to sleep, sleep well.

There’s no such thing as a standard person, which is why at Harrison Spinks, there’s no such thing as a standard bed.
Outside and in, it’s designed around you, right down to the last stitch. Using natural materials, it’s tailored to the size and firmness that suits you and upholstered to your taste. It’s more than just a bed, it’s a completely bespoke night’s sleep.

Set in 300 acres of picturesque North Yorkshire, the Harrison Farm is grade II listed with a unique heritage. Situated only 18 miles from the factory, the Harrison farm provides the perfect environment to help reduce their carbon footprint and grow their own natural bed fillings.

Here, they tend to their own flock of sheep and alpacas - the source of Yorkshire Dales Eco Wool and alpaca fleece found inside their beds. Flax and hemp crops are also grown on the land to be later layered into their sumptuous mattresses.

This sustainable approach guarantees a blend of upholstery that is 100% natural and ensures exceptional breathability and temperature control.

The Harrison Spinks Collection

Turn Free

Ideal for those who have back problems or difficulty lifting, a turn-free mattress can be a good option. They offer all the support you would expect from a Harrison mattress without the need to turn it with the seasons. 

Anguilla 4250


With a range to suit all needs and budgets, one thing you can be sure of is you’ll always be sleeping on some of the finest, sustainable materials, blissfully supported by thousands of pocket springs.

Anguilla, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Bali 5750


Harrison Spinks are proud to partner with British Wool as part of their traceable wool scheme, so we can trace their wool from the sheep to the shop floor.

Bali, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Fiji 8250


Harrison Spinks has become the most vertically integrated bed manufacturer in the world. Recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in both 2013 and 2018.

Fiji, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Seychelles 13400


We are committed to a sustainable future with ground breaking and award winning spring technology

Seychelles, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Pillow Tops

If a truly indulgent sleeping experience is your thing, a Harrison pillow top mattress is probably the perfect choice for you. As well as the traditional core of Revolution pocket springs forming the supporting centre of the mattress, layers of miniature springs are in the in-built topper providing unrivaled comfort and support.

Perth 12000


Passionate perfectionists since 1840. Drift off on one of the world's most comfortable mattresses

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Perth, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Sydney 16000


All of Harrison's beds are handmade using time honoured skills and crafted to each individual customer

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