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The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Clive Dare and the Perfect Sleep story…or one man's quest for a good night's sleep.

The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

I'm Clive Dare, founder and original owner of both The Big Pine (1977) and The Big Sleep (1995). Having resisted putting together a potted history of my company before, I've decided that now is the right time as I'm incredibly proud of what we've achieved and it's important that our customers, old and new, know about the company they are invested in.

"BBC's Country File host Adam Henson surprising Clive at the 2020 Bedshow".

In November 1995, The Big Sleep Ltd opened its doors for business in Exeter Street with a mission to become Plymouth's number one bed store.


Clive Dare, started in business with the creation of The Big Pine shop, which began its life in September 1977, in a small corner shop in Peverell Plymouth, with young Clive designing and making pine beds and furniture from a small workshop at the rear of the store. In 1994 having outgrown the premises in Peverell he moved to Exeter Street. Then a year later bought the premises next door that was to become The Big Sleep Ltd.

In 2005, Clive Dare decided to sell his original business The Big Pine, thus giving him an opportunity to take The Big Sleep to the next level. This entailed visiting more bed manufacturers around the UK, seeing all the new developments in spring technologies, materials and construction that were available, and because we are an independent business, it gave us the freedom of choice to select the very best on offer from the different manufacturers in each category of bed making, be that traditional comfort, orthopaedic support, sports rest recovery beds and gel infused memory foam mattresses.


Now, 25 years later, we have multi-award winning beds from the very best of British bed manufacturers, with over 80 beds on display, creating the perfect choice for the discerning customer.


Vispring, Hypnos, Harrison Spinks, Highgrove, Highgate, Mammoth, Sweet Dreams, Mlily and not forgetting the excellent budget ranges from Kayflex and Sareer. These highly talented group of bedmakers have been chosen for their first class product, their innovation and constant striving for sustainability and carbon neutral status.

Emma, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Our team has many years experience in bed retailing, with periodic factory visits to help improve their knowledge of the products. They are here to help, advise and take the time to truly understand what our customers want in their quest for the right bed.

As part of our ongoing improvements, we decided it was a  good time to re-brand our business from The Big Sleep, to The Perfect Sleep, a good name to match our ideals, also to set ourselves apart from others.

Lastly, we are proud to be a successful local independent business, owned and run by local people. We are able to compete and take on all the national chains very successfully, why? how? because we are an efficient small business, we are good at what we do, and offer better value, with a superior choice than the others, and have highly committed friendly staff.

Clive Dare still maintains an active role in the business as it continues to follow his original simple principles... top quality, value for money and reliability is what we are about.

Mark & Brian The Perfect Sleep Team

"We look forward to seeing you soon"...

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