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The Memory Wool Foam Matrah provides a top comfort layer made of a specially developed extra soft material for a feeling of instant relaxation. Working in perfect harmony with the lower support layers, once you settle into your most comfortable position your body weight is redistributed reducing pressure whilst you sleep.


  • Medium feel

  • Open coil springs

  • Airstream memory wool

  • Low heat retention

  • Pressure relief

  • Durable & resilient

  • Approximately 22 cm in depth

  • Dust mite resistant - Hypo allergenic

  • No roll together

  • No need to turn

  • Tufted - buttoned surface to hold fillings together

3ft Single Mattress

W: 90cm

L: 190cm

H: 22cm

4ft Small Double Mattress

W: 120cm

L: 190cm

H: 22cm

4ft6 Double Mattress

W: 135cm

L: 190cm

H: 22cm

5ft Kingsize Mattress

W: 150cm

L: 200cm

H: 22cm

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