At the Perfect Sleep, we believe owning the correct pillow is a key ingredient to helping you sleep soundly.  Our range of pillows covers every possible individual requirement, no matter if you are a back, side or front sleeper we have the right pillow for you.


Cluster Fibres Pillow

The Luna pillow from The Fine Bedding Company has free flowing ultra fine mini clusters which embrace the contours of the head and neck. The Luna pillow is encased in a peach soft cover for added luxury and filled with 25% more clusters for an additional level of support allowing you a deep and peaceful nights sleep.

Luna Pillow, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Cloud 9

Cluster Fibres Pillow

The Cloud 9 pillow from the Fine Bedding Company has been beautifully crafted from bounce-back micro-clusters that are designed to retain their shape and provide complete comfort throughout the night.


With a box edge design, the pillow offers edge-to-edge medium support whilst the soft textured casing makes this pillow a dream to sleep on.

Cloud 9 Pillow, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Goose Feather

Softened Pillow

Sink into these luxurious and supportive goose feather pillows and experience a natural and tranquil sleep. These luxury pillows offers the plump cushioning of goose feathers for medium support and ultimate comfort. Long lasting and reliable, these pillows are an impeccable investment for anybody's sleep health.

Goose Feather Pillow, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Smart Temperature

Cooling Pillow

The Fine Bedding Co Smart Temperature Pillow is a climate control pillow, ideal for those searching for a cool pillow.

This temperature controlled pillow offers medium support and is created with the unique Activated Cooling™ technology from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ®, delivering both instant and continuous cooling throughout the night.

HeiQ technology in this cooling pillow offers an intelligent two-step thermo-regulation system by firstly offering a cooling sensation before the first sign of moisture. It then senses body temperature increases and activates a unique cooling effect and allows moisture to evaporate away from the body, mimicking the body's natural evaporative cooling mechanism. Should your body temperature start to reduce, this climate control pillow will regulate its temperature so you won't feel a chill.

Smart Pillow, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon


Cooling Pillow

For a blissfully cool night's sleep, consider the Indulgence Ice Cool Pillow.

With this pillow's Ice Cool technology, you can remain pleasantly chilled as you sleep.

The pillow uses its Ice Fibres to make any moisture easy to evaporate. This leaves you feeling fresh throughout the night.

It also has incredibly high thermal conductivity, meaning it can move the heat away from your body. There it can disperse, leaving you feeling nice and cool.

This pillow comes complete with superfine microfibre filling for your comfort. It gives the feeling of a super soft down pillow so you can rest in luxury. This pillow is both hypoallergenic and antibacterial for your peace of mind. Sleep easy knowing that this product protects against allergens.

Because this pillow is machine washable at 40°C and tumble dryer safe, it's simple to care for. This makes keeping your bed clean and fresh easy.


Indulgence Pillow, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon


Bamboo & Cotton Pillow

The Pure Collection Bamboo Box Pillow is one of our best selling Pillows for a Firmer Support.

The Bamboo Box Pillow has a luxuriously soft, quilted and cool to touch Bamboo and Cotton 300 Thread count cover. It is beautifully finished with a soft piped edge and filled with 100% Micro Fibre fillings.

Bamboo naturally regulates and helps maintains an even temperature for an better nights sleep.

Bamboo is the ideal organic choice as it is grown without chemicals or pesticides. It is naturally antibacterial and resists dustmites, making this pillow ideal for those who suffer with excema or have sensitive skin.

The Bamboo Box Pillow cover is 60% Bamboo 40% Cotton. Machine Washable at 30 Degress . Not suitable to Tumble Dry.

Bamboo Pillow, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Bamboo & Serenity

Memory Gel Pillow

There are a number of benefits when infusing Bamboo Charcoal into Mlily’s premium comfort Memory Foam, these include:

A Cleaner, Healthier Sleep: Bamboo’s anti-microbial properties meant that its resistant to bacteria like dust mites, helping you keep your pillow cleaner and healthier while you sleep.

Adapts to you: Mlily’s specialised Memory Foam adapts to your body’s millions of micro-pressure points for advanced pressure relief that adapts to you. The result: a supportive more complete sleep.

Regulates Moisture: Bamboo absorbs moisture at a high rate, leading to a drier, more refreshing night. It is also hypoallergenic, ensuring a sneeze-free sleep.

Serene Pillow, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Dream 3000

Ice Gel Pillow

We all feel better after a good night’s sleep. Give yourself the gift of better sleep, for a more productive and happy you.

The Mlily Dream Series offers the highest-quality pillows for a luxury experience. The Dream 3000 combines signature Cooling Technology, with the plush sensation of Memory Foam for ultimate comfort.

The surface of the pillow provides an additional level of chilling, as the outer cover is crafted using Nano-Cool Ice Fibre. The result? A refreshing, cool-feel sleep surface.

The Dream 3000 is designed to perfectly pair comfort, support and feel. The superior performance memory foam will adapt to support your neck and head, and the micro-pressure points that require additional uplift. Our cooling technology is infused into the foam itself, delivering a full cooling experience that adapts to you, and feels natural. A more comfortable sleep all night long.

Dream 3000, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

Premier Supreme

Memory Gel Pillow

Cooling Technology meets the best in Comfort Memory Foam design. This pillow is specially crafted to conform to the natural contours of your head and neck. We’ve added our Mlily Cooling Gel and a custom Gel-Pad to create a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience

Premier Pillow, The Perfect Sleep, Plymouth, Devon

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