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Vitality 2000

Mammoth Vitality Hybrid 2000 Mattress

Key Features:

  • Medium Tension Mattress,

  • 30 cm Mattress Depth,

  • 7cm Medical Grade™ Foam,

  • 1600 Pocket Springs,

  • 5 Comfort Zones,

  • Pro Bio Treated Cover

  • PostureCell Technology,

  • Made in the UK.

Mammoth Shine Hybrid 1600 is similar to the previous Mammoth Shine Essential Medium

What is Medical Grade™ Foam?

Medical Grade Foam mattresses are scientifically shown to improve sleep. Tested at the University of Northumbria, these modern aids tailor comfort and support for every sleeper.  Not too hard, not too soft – just right. They respond instantly to the shape and size of every person, relieving pressure on sore muscles while improving circulation.

State of the art PostureCells™move independent, absorbing motion to ensure ease of movement throughout the night, helping to avoid unwanted awakenings normally caused by a restless partner.    

Mammoth Mattresses are fantastic at regulating temperature during the night. Medical Grade Foam features V shape castellations which allow for airflow, creating a cool and comfortable sleeping experience. Not too hot, not too cold.

Mammoth’s story

After working in the healthcare industry creating medical mattresses for seriously unwell patients, Mammoth’s owner John Tuton had a ‘Eureka’ moment. He wanted to make these mattresses available to everyone. Why should anyone wait until pain or poor health strikes to get maximum rest and recuperation from their mattress?

Mammoth was born with the aim of helping anyone and everyone sleep better, feel better and make the most of every day. Based on thousands of hours of front-line health experience and expertise, Mammoth mattresses are scientifically tested and shown to improve sleep and are endorsed by health professionals.

Mammoth are proud partners of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and are NHS award winners.

Mammoth are the only mattress supplier in the UK that can offer VAT reduction for qualifying customers!

 Call us on 01926 422404 or click here and contact us to see if you're eligible for VAT reduction (Saving 20%)

Purchase in-store only

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