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Shine 1600

For those who are looking for a medium feel mattress, you can’t go wrong with the Mammoth Shine Essential 1600 Pocket mattress. A comfortable and supportive sleep is ahead of you with this affordable mattress from the leading brand.


The deep mattress is a top choice for better sleep as it’s built with some of the brand’s best technologies which have been scientifically proved to improve your sleep habits.

The mattress which benefits from 1600 comfortable pocket springs which give you more support while allowing movement has 50mm of Medical Grade™ Foam which keeps you cool throughout your nights sleep, even during those hot nights.

It also boasts PostureCell® technology which has proven to help keep your body supported to stop you waking up in the morning with aches and pains. It ensures your body weight is evenly distributed to keep you comfortable throughout the night.


The mattress which is hypoallergenic so even allergy sufferers can enjoy a night of blissful sleep has a luxury lofted cover which has tencel fibres weaved into the cover. With these on board, you can have a touch of luxury as you slip into a deep slumber which will improve your health and well-being in the long-run.


Purchase in-store only

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